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In these sessions, I'll apply my makeup techniques to enhance your features for any event!  This course will be divided into two sections:

Natural Makeup and Glam Makeup.

  • Natural Makeup - 45 min   

For this look, less is more! It's all about the products and different contour techniques I'll be applying to enhance your natural features for that special event! 

  • Makeup Glam - 1hr 15min

This Day/Night glam look  requires more knowledge of blending techniques and lash application. 



On the most important day of your life, besides all the details such as the dress, flowers and location... Makeup is an essential part of the day. I'll make you look your best.

But before that day comes, there will be two makeup demos:

-  First Makeup DEMO - 1hr :   In this first demo, we will be testing and choosing the color scheme  and style that you'll want for that special day.


- Second Makeup DEMO - 1hr: We'll polish any details of the makeup that you chose for that day. This will be the final demo, I will be applying the final makeup as if the big day had already arrived.

Aside from the bridal makeup, an extra service would be for me to stay during the whole celebration. I'm going to be looking out for any details that need fixing or retouching, especially when taking pictures. 



In photoshoots, I'll be applying all my knowledge and techniques to create a more artistic and abstract look for this creative makeup. we'll make the most of this, and do 2-3 looks, we will start with a natural look, so it builds up to a more intense look as the photoshoot goes by.




 In these makeup classes, you will be learning and practicing how to do from the most basic techniques towards a more advanced one.


These classes will adapt to your needs, whether you need to learn blending techniques or skincare. 


Learn to do your makeup like a real professional makeup artist!

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